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The Department was founded in 2008 as link to the Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering. Marine Engineering Operations education started from 2009-2010 semester by 50 students.

The scope of the program is to prepare the students for marine engineer officer posts in merchant marine ships. Students who finish the program succefully can have job in Turkish or foreign flagged ships as Marine Engineer (3rd Engineer). Depending on the sea experience duration they have 2nd Engineer and Chief Engineer certificates. They can also work in many industries as shipping, energy and engine manufacturers as technical and maintenance expert.

Double major opportunity has been offered by other BSc program in our University.  The wide range of courses can be taken with other programs on condition that should appropriate with course content and credit.  Courses are lectured with English at least in the ratio of 30%. The other outstanding feature of the program of Marine Engineering Operation is the main aspect of the education is for practical application.

The education services are conducted in the Yıldız campus of The Yıldız Technical University which is placed on Istanbul –Besiktas. Although uniform is not obligatory in education in our department, it is mandatory to wear a uniform in accordance with maritime customs and traditions during official ceremonies and events. Provision of uniforms when necessary is the responsibility of the students.

It accepts students with their SAY score in the Student Selection Examination. Application requirements for the department are detailed in the ÖSYM booklet. The certificate of graduation is given by 1 year English preparation and 4 years BSc education.

The syllabuses of the Yıldız Technical University, Marine Engineering Operations are appropriate by international maritime organization (IMO) and STCW section of A-III/1 and A-III/2. Later on this education, grad students who demand work in a ship as an engineer should pass the exam that operated by Ship’s crew exam center (GASM) associate with Republic of Turkey Undersecretaries of Maritime Affairs.

The title of “Oceangoing watchkeeping engineer” is gained after succeed exam.  After 36 months or more of sea service as an "Oceangoing watchkeeping engineer ", they take the exams again and receive the title of "Unlimited second engineer". They take the exam again after 36 months or more of sea service as an "Unlimited second engineer" and receive the title of "Unlimited chief engineer".

With experiences of working in a ship; mechanical inspector, personnel directorate, technical manager, engineer on shipyard and some other work opportunity can be reached on land.